More Lazgi, for a better world
Lazgi videos:

Click here   Very beautiful Lazgi with tar.

Click here   How deep Lazgi is in Uzbekistan.

Click here   Little Uzbek girls ... Lazgi.

Click here   Little Uyghur girls dancing ... (Same Lazgi spirit).

Click here   Nice Lazgi.

Click here   Hulkar ... Pakistan reaction ... with subtitles.

Click here   Hulkar Abdullayeva comedy ... boyfriend problem.

Click here   Hulkar Sod ... Note Sumerian Inanna style layered outfit and faces of people ..who are joyful.. see little girl @ 9:13 Funny and funky .... Hulkar whistles loud@ 5:15 Hulkar means "the Pleiades" and leader in Uzbekistan. Abdullayeva in Arabic is "abd allah", meaning god's servant or god's slave. Pleiades star system was very important in Old Sumerian times. They believed
visitors from there upgraded us.

Click here   Sen Sen ... Hulkar makes great belly dance entrance.

Click here   Bossy Hulkar + Rolling pin funny.

Click here   GUMON QAMCHI Hulkar, nice song.

Click here   Hulkar with her teacher.

Click here   Hulkar, nice singing.

Click here   Too much food + Hulkar.

Click here   Wonderful Hulkar lazgi note feathers on left side as usual. (Goddess Anahita always wore feathers on left side).

Click here   Hulkar, comedy ... jalopy and "country cousins".

Click here   Wonderful recent Hulkar Lazgi.

Click here   Super tar, lazgi + audience ... to me it recalls the joy of old Sumer.

Click here   Hulkar, Abdullayeva,Khorezm, Uzbekistan.

Click here   Great Hulkar and tar Sumerian Inanna style layered dress.

Click here   Hulkar Voy ...Sumerian Inanna styled layered dress

Click here   Good Hulkar.

Click here   Animation about how Ancient history has been distorted after destruction of Sumerian civilization.. 2000BC.

Click here   Good Hulkar ... Inanna styled cascade dress as before.

Click here   Hulkar Abdullayeva joy.

Click here   Hulkar ... humor + flirting.

Click here   Very good Matthew LaCroix ... Antiquities Historian.

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